Electric Fencing

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We stock a range of Fenceman Electric Fencing suitable for horses and sheep.  This includes posts, tape/ wire/ rope, insulators, energisers, and high tensiles.  We can help guide you through your electric fencing requirements and offer 10% off Fencemans list prices!

We can also obtain fencing in the Fenceman range suitable for Pigs, Poultry, Pets, and fencing to keep out predator / nuisance animals.  Much more information can be found by calling us direct.

As standard all Fenceman units have a 2year guarantee.

Remember we can offer you 10% off Fenceman's list price

We offer FREE weekly delivery of 2 or more bags of feed or bales of bedding within the North Norfolk area.  Please see our 'delivery area' page for more information.