Horse Bedding

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Shavings create a deeper, more aerated and cushioning bed.   Where pine is used it offers natural antiseptic properties.  But most importantly shavings reduce the levels of dust. We can help guide you through any equine bedding choices.

We can offer discounts for large orders, please enquire when ordering.

Hall Farm Forage sell and distribute Bedmax shavings, Bed-down excel, Snowflake Supreme, Snowflake softchip, megazorb and easibed shavings.  To find out more you can link directly to the manufacturers website by clicking on the logos below.



We also supply feed, wormers & supplements, electric fencing and much more!

We offer FREE weekly delivery of 2 or more bags of feed or bales of bedding within the North Norfolk area.  Please see our 'delivery area' page for more information.