Bird & Small Animal Feed

Wild Bird Products
To ensure wild birds continue to bring colour and song into your garden it is essential to feed them regularly and correctly all year round. The RSPB officially recommend feeding during the summer breeding period as well as the winter time.  Clean fresh water is essential for birds to both bath and drink from.  We stock a range of wild bird seeds in a variety of pack sizes to suit everybody.

Our Wild bird feed is so competitively priced, we can offer this to our customers cheaper than the RSPB.


 Product  Quantities available  Info
 Black sunflower seeds 3kg / 15kg

Higher in oil content than sunflower hearts they are ideal for all year round feeding

 No-mess Wild bird seed mix 3kg / 13kg / 20kg

A quality seed mix which will suit many species.  Ideal for all year round feeding

 Niger seeds 3kg / 13kg / 20kg

A favourite of Goldfinch, Siskin and Redpoll, giving a high oil content but needing a finer mesh seed feeder

 Peanuts 3kg / 13kg / 25kg

Rich in fat and popular with tits, greenfinches, house sparrows, nuthatches, great spotted woodpeckers and siskins

 Sunflower hearts 3kg / 13kg / 20kg

High in essential calories for breeding & winter time. A popular no-mess food

 Fat Balls Small or Large

An excellent high fat / calorie winter food

Pigeon Products
We stock the Spillers Topflight range of pigeon mixes including racing, widowhood, depurative, young bird, conditioning and breeding mixes.  Also stocked is Versele Laga and a selection of straight feedstuffs suitable for pigeons, maple peas, white peas and tic beans. Pigeon Grit completes the product range.

Cage Bird Products
A full range of mixes including canary, budgie, finch, parakeet, cockatiel and parrot. Also the straight feedstuffs such as rape, millet, hemp, linseed, safflower and sunflower.  We also sell cuttle fish, millet sprays and a range of bird sands and grits.

Rabbit Products
We stock a range of coarse mixes of every description and rabbit pellets.  Hamsters, Gerbils, Guinea Pigs, Chinchillas and Ferrets are also catered for with their own individual mixes.

If you require a product that is not stocked it is possible to add just about any feed or supplement to the range at a weeks notice.

We offer FREE weekly delivery of 2 or more bags of feed or bales of bedding within the North Norfolk area.  Please see our 'delivery area' page for more information.