We can supply Allen & Page small holders range.   The Small holders range is suitable for baby chicks, layers, geese, ducks, turkeys & specialist breeds.  The feed ranges from pellets , chick crumbs, to a selection of mixed corns.  To find a suitable product please click on the logo below for more details.

We also supply feed from The Organic Feed Company.   These feeds are made from 100% organically grown ingredients.  This range caters for chicks, layers, grower / finishing feeds.  To find out more please click on the Organic Feed Company logo above.

Duck & poultry wormers - we stock Verm-X, this can be fed by adding to the drinking water.  Customers with free range birds have found that feeding Verm-X in the water may not be very precise, so we also stock a Verm-X pellet that can be fed by sprinkling on the top of normal poultry feed.

We can supply a range of  game feeds.

We offer FREE weekly delivery of 2 or more bags of feed within the North Norfolk area.  Please see our 'delivery area' page for more information. We can offer discounts for large orders, please enquire when ordering.