Cattle, Sheep, Pig & Goat Feed

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Allen & Page Small Holders Range caters for Cattle, Sheep, Goats & Pigs.   To find a suitable product within their range please click on the logos below for more details.

Cattle Feed
Additional to the Small Holders Range we can supply: Duffields Cattle Feed range - including Calves All The Way, Stock Rearer Pencils, Dairy Quality 18 Pencils and a Countryside Coarse Dairy Ration.

Sheep Feed
We can supply Duffields Sheep Feeds - including Lambs All The Way, Ewe Pencils, Countryside Ewe and Lamb Ration.  A selection of milk replacers suitable for feeding to lambs, kids, calves and piglets. Original and high magnesium Rumenco blocks.

Pig Feed
We can supply Duffields Pig Feed including Speedlink Pellets, grower and sow pellets and our own sow and weaner meal.

Goat Feed
A selection of dry or molassed coarse mixtures and lucerene nuts.  Milk replacers and sundry items such as udder care products.

The Small Holder range prides itself by being made from natural feed without flavours, artificial growth promoters or artificial yolk pigmenters. The feed is totally drug free no antibiotics, coccidiostats or growth promoters. All feeds in the Small Holder Range are approved by the Vegetarian Society and are free from animal by-products. We only select the highest quality vegetable oils and the vitamins we use are not covered in the traditional gelatine coating. Only products formulated without genetically modified ingredients are approved by the Vegetarian Society.

The Organic Feeds Company makes feed with 100% Organically Grown Ingredients, no synthetic ingredients or Non-GM and drug free.

 The Organic feeds are made from: Organic Wheat, Organic Barley, Organic Wheatfeed, Organic Peas, Organic Alfalfa Pellets, Organic Soya, Organic Linseed. Also a selection of the following natural ingredients may be included to provide the vitamins and minerals needed in a balanced diet. They are not 'grown' and therefore cannot officially be classed as either 'organic' or 'non-organic', however they are all accepted by The Soil Association, Sea Salt, Calcined Magnesite, Calcium Carbonate, Di-calcium Phosphate, Yeast, Natural Vitamin Sources.

We offer FREE weekly delivery of 2 or more bags of feed or bales of bedding within the North Norfolk area.  Please see our 'delivery area' page for more information.  We can offer discounts for large orders, please enquire when ordering.